About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicinal treatment where small, fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body to support a natural healing response and internal rebalancing.

Originating in China over 2000 years ago, it is a holistic treatment focusing on treating the body as a whole. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the whole body was observed within the sphere of the world around us, including the impact of seasonal and environmental change.

Acupuncture ‘stimulates Qi’ through a network of channels or meridians (French word for channel). Qi (also known as chi) is translated as “vital life force.” In TCM, there are 12 main meridian channels that carry energy, or Qi, blood, body fluids, essence and spirit providing nourishment to the whole mind and body.

Acupuncture studies and treatment trials looked into pain mechanisms and influence over the different nervous systems, including parasympathetic nervous system, central and autonomic nervous system. Research and emerging evidence from the World Health Organization (WHO) and NICE acknowledge the benefits of acupuncture for

  • Pain & arthritic conditions
  • Musculoskeletal injuries and pain
  • Fluid retention and swelling
  • Digestive conditions eg constipation and IBS
  • Low mood and sleeping difficulties
  • Hormonal imbalances

Acupuncture upper trapezius

Acupuncture lower back

What to expect during an acupuncture treatment?

On your first appointment a detailed consultation will be taken to help me understand more about your diet, stress levels, condition and level of pain you may or may not be in. This will determine the best approach in terms of where needles are located and for how long. 

Typically, needles are inserted close to and around the area causing pain, but this is not

always the case. Therefore it is advisable to wear loose clothing to allow access to the upper arms, back or legs.

The needles are so fine, approx. 0.2mm thick. Once all the needles have been inserted, they will remain in place for approx. 20-40 minutes.

Most will relax and may drift off to sleep, and have a positive healing response as a result of their acupuncture. 

Combined Acupuncture & Reflexology treatment

Acupuncture and reflexology have a beneficial synergy through combined treatments. During the consultation process, I will look at the options of both acupuncture and reflexology to support the body’s natural rebalance. Auricular acupuncture is an excellent complementary treatment alongside reflexology to support the nervous system and relaxation.

About Acupressure

Acupressure is a holistic therapy, applying pressure on acupoints across the body and head to support natural healing and balance from within. The acupressure points are the same as acupuncture points located on meridians mapped throughout the body. Applying pressure on the acupoints helps support the free flow of qi & energy, either by fingers or an acupressure pen. The two treatments offered include Rejuvenating Facial Acupressure and Cranial Acupressure & muscle release.

Yin Tang

Acupressure point BL 2 and BL 3 (Bladder 2 & 3)

Acupressure point TW17 (Triple Warmer)

Rejuvenating Facial Acupressure

The treatments include a complement of hot towels, Neal’s Yard products for cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising the face. I also use guided healing visualization and mindfulness to help you let go of any tension or emotions within your face and body, and will be lead by you on what you are comfortable with. I use Quartz Crystals, known for their healing and rhythmical properties, Quartz rollers and Facial Gua Sha tools to help smooth and sculpt the face. The Gua Sha tool increases circulation, stimulating the dermis to boost collagen and elastin by reducing inflammation, and relaxing facial muscles to give clients a nourished, plumped and glowing complexion. Quartz balls are used to cool and invigorate, coupled with energetic massage movements to make the skin feel revitalised and energised.


The rejuvenating facial acupressure treatment is a deeply relaxing facial using a range of techniques and tools to support inner balance. Combining acupressure, muscle release, gentle suction cupping, and gua sha to initiate blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and release of tension. It is a beautiful treatment using organic Neals Yard products to combine with reflexology and immersing your mind and body into a rejuvenating para-sympathetic state.


Cranial Acupressure & Muscle Release

Cranial acupressure and muscle release is a hands-on- therapy focussing on the head, neck and shoulders.

The cranial acupressure is fantastic therapy to help unwind and relax, release tension in the scalp whilst working through the hair, and acupressure points across the head.

Followed by a muscle release sequence across the neck, upper arms, shoulders and upper back to free-up tension as a result of stress and/or poor posture and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Tension release upper trapezius


It is important you let me know if you have had Botox or facial surgery (including dental work). Please wait for 3 weeks after Botox or Fillers treatment, and 3 months after a face lift.

I will avoid any areas on the face that have had Botox or fillers. Rosacea is also contraindicated, as well as Melanoma, active Ecezma and Psoriasis. Also please wait a minimum of 3 months after a face lift or surgery. We will speak in advance of your treatment about all contra indications.